Atlantic basin goes quiet; Pacific basin heats up

Atlantic basin goes quiet; Pacific basin heats up

The Atlantic basin has gone quiet after a potential area of disturbance off the southern end of Central America dissipated earlier today (10 June).

On Monday, 7 June, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, had given the system a less than 40% chance of further development. In the initial prediction, forecasters warned that the system was likely to travel in a northwesterly direction, which would have resulted in some showers for the Cayman area.

“The system encountered the mountainous conditions of Central America which are not favourable for storm development,” said Gilbert Miller, a forecaster at the Cayman Islands National Weather Service.

Miller said the system has since been classified as a tropical monsoon, and it is unlikely that it will affect the Cayman Islands.

The storm clouds and showers that have loomed over the Cayman Islands this week have cleared up, and Miller said the weekend should bring clear skies and sunshine. However, he warns, in the…