Attorney Mobile Marketing: Target the 97M Mobile Web Users, Get More Cases

10/04/2011 // San Francisco, CA, USA // Rene Perras…… Le Buzz // Rene Perras

San Francisco, CA (Attorney Mobile Marketing News) — Has your law firm and lawyer marketing agency been tossing around the idea of creating an attorney mobile marketing campaign? Not sure whether you’ll reach a deep potential client pool and have the ROI that you’d hoped for? Well, the time is now—lawyer mobile marketing campaigns are an up and coming avenue to target consumers who choose to access the Internet from their smartphones.

eMarketer reported, “The US mobile web population will be up almost 25% this year as 97.3 million mobile owners log on to the Internet from their device at least monthly.” In addition, eMarketer forecasts indicate that more than three in five mobile users and almost half of the total US population will be using mobile Internet by 2015.

The mobile Web is popular among iPhone, Android and other smartphone users, who like to log on while on the go or because they lack a home or laptop computer. Now that most websites have become mobile Web compatible, many people no longer see the need to buy a computer, because sometimes it’s easier to surf the Web via their smartphone than logging on to a computer.

Because smartphone-using consumers are on the go, they heavily rely on location-based services to find and locate business while using the mobile Web. According to a new Pew study, nearly 60 percent of those relying on smartphones use at least one location-based service. To achieve top website ranking on these location-based services—like Google, Facebook, Yelp and Around Me—you need to employ Mobile SEO tactics, which will help potential clients find your law firm on the mobile Internet, as reported in a previous article, “Attorney SEM: Local SEO Tactics for Mobile Web Can Pay Off Big for Lawyers.”

Lawyer marketing agencies, like Cepac lawyer marketing, have noticed this trend and are advising law firms to consider an attorney mobile marketing campaign for three reasons:

• Accessibility: As the statistics noted, millions of people are logging onto the Web via their smartphones. This is a demographic lawyers could be missing out on if they pass up this viable lawyer marketing tactic. Mobile Web is available virtually anywhere (aside from provider dead zones). Your lawyer marketing message can easily be received by potential clients who are surfing the Web while recovering from an injury accident, at an accident scene or while enjoying a cup of coffee a few days following a traffic accident. These messages could have been missed by these potential clients if you had not been employing attorney mobile marketing campaigns

• You Can Use Your Existing Lawyer Marketing Tools: By simply making your lawyer website mobile Web friendly, you open your law firm up to potential clients who are searching for an attorney via their smartphone. Having a mobile Web compatible attorney website will help to keep potential clients on your page, and keep them from leaving your lawyer website to visit another law firm’s webpage that is mobile Web friendly.

• Mobile Ads Use Tools Created for Mobile Devices: Mobile ads for lawyers can include touch screen tools, location sensing and click-to-options. These options can really enhance the mobile web experience for the consumer and make seamless transition from the ad to your lawyer website.

• Potential Client Reach: As eMarketer pointed out, almost half of the total U.S. population will soon be using mobile Internet. Failing to include this potential client pool can limit the amount of new and lucrative cases your law firm could obtain. Remember: “You miss out on 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

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