Black & White Auto Body and Paint Reminds Drivers About Summer Car Maintenance

06/07/2012 (press release: page1) // COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. , USA // Rick Lujan

Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect time for pools, relaxation, and family barbeques, but Black and White Auto Body Repair is encouraging customers to put something on their list that may be easily forgotten amongst warm weather festivities – car maintenance. It is a well-known fact the Colorado winter is tough on automobiles. Snow, ice, and road salt drastically deteriorate a vehicle’s paint finish. As a result, Black & White Auto is swamped with customers seeking to restore both minor and major damage to their automobile’s finish.

In addition, the spring months tend to have higher frequencies of car accidents. This is due to unexpected and sudden weather changes that often catch drivers unprepared and off guard, resulting in traffic accidents that usually leave the owners paying for dent repair down the road. El Paso County residents can probably attest to having used Colorado Springs towing services at least once or twice due to troublesome roads. While some dents may seem superficial, Black & White encourages anybody with uninspected vehicular damage to consult a professional body shop, as body damage can be an indicator of more serious problems throughout an automobile’s machinery.

Some cars may not be in immediate need of repair. Despite this, routine maintenance is still an important aspect of keeping a car well tuned. Oil changes, alignment readjustments, and other small but vital tasks are necessary to keep automobiles from falling into neglect. This maintenance can also be performed alongside dent repair for customers who wish to knock out two birds with one stone.

Mechanics encourage car owners to not let their cars idly sit if their automobile is unable to start, as time degrades fueling systems and encourages rust buildup. As such, cars that are unable to make it into the shop on their own wheels can utilize the Black & White Colorado Springs towing service. Shuttle services, enterprise on-site pickup, and customer pickup and delivery are also available.

Do you live in the El Paso county area and need dent repair, car maintenance, or Colorado Springs towing services? Body shops often get a bad rap for not taking care of their customers, but B&W Auto has been a local leader in the industry for over sixty years. Take the time to do yourself, and your car a favor this summer and visit Colorado’s favorite auto body shop, reachable by phone at 719.634.6675 or via their website

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