Belmont Village Senior Living Takes the Lead in Promoting Brain Health and Raisi… – Press Release

Belmont Village Senior Living, a developer, owner and provider of senior care, highlights cognitive health and empowers brain wellness as Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month concludes. With an estimated 6.2 million Americans aged 65+ living with Alzheimer’s disease, Belmont Village Senior Living recognizes the critical need to combat cognitive decline by taking proactive steps to help residents and their families protect and enhance brain function, and valuable resources for a healthier brain.

“While combating cognitive decline may present a challenging journey, it is crucial for individuals and families to recognize that hope exists and concrete strategies are available to foster brain health,” says Patricia Will, founder & CEO of Belmont Village Senior Living. “While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, scientific research has demonstrated the effectiveness of certain lifestyle tips in slowing the progression of the disease. By implementing practical strategies and promoting overall well-being, we can potentially reduce the risk of cognitive decline and enhance the quality of life.”

Throughout Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, Belmont Village Senior Living has been actively engaged in raising awareness about the importance of brain health and promoting cognitive well-being. The organization recognizes that maintaining brain health is a lifelong endeavor, and even small lifestyle changes can have a significant impact.

Belmont Village Senior Living offers the following tips during Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month:

  • Engage in Mental Stimulation: Keep the brain active and challenged by participating in activities that require mental effort. This can include solving puzzles, reading, learning new skills, or engaging in brain fitness programs designed to exercise cognitive abilities.

  • Embrace Social Connections: Foster meaningful relationships by participating in social activities and engaging in community life. Joining a book club, attending group…