Bernie strikes to backbench in new UPM line-up : Cayman Information Service

Bernie moves to backbench in new UPM line-up : Cayman News Service

(CNS): Bernie Bush MP (WBN), the former minister for culture has sacrificed his Cabinet post in the new government line-up and will be moving to the back-benches. According to a press release about the new government that was both formed and sworn in behind closed doors Wednesday, Bush volunteered to give up his ministry to make a Cabinet seat available for his West Bay colleague after Kathy Ebanks-Wilks gave up the speaker’s chair.

Bush has had a rocky time since joining the PACT Cabinet, losing his original Home Affairs portfolio, after accusations that he interfered in the recruitment of a new fire chief among other allegations. In a more recent fire storm he was accused of harassing a civil servant over a juvenile joke but that complaint appears to have been withdrawn. Before departing the government inner circle however, Bush launched a culture awareness campaign to promote and elevate some local traditions. He also successfully secured Emancipation Day as a public…