Releases ‘The Best Vintage Christmas Songs Ever’ Playlist

/ lovers all have different tastes. Some like old classic Christmas songs, which bring back memories of the “old days” when their grandparents were young, and some like to be reminded of the “speakeasy days” with jazz tones, while others like a “bluesier” Christmas collection, with loads of quirky offbeat instrumental cuts that are surely going to brighten up any Christmas party. To the average ear these songs may sound completely obscure, but to the music lovers ear there will be a familiar tune here and there.

This new playlist even contains a cover of Frosty The Snowman by Jimmy Boyd. The intention of The Best Vintage Christmas Songs Playlist was to make sure it contained mostly unrecognizable tunes but this version of Frosty just slipped in.

This new mix covers other familiar Christmas renditions, including a version of Jingle Bells called Swingin’ Them Jingle Bells by Fats Waller & His Rhythm. This version has certainly been changed, but it’s very cool. It’s got quirky and cartoony vocals, as if they were right out of a Little Rascals show. It’s definitely a fun addition to the list!

Also included is another version of Jingle Bells called the Jingle Bells Stomp by Ira Ironstrings. This version of Jingle Bells is a bit more honky tonk, dixieland, space age, pop/exotica style and very fun to listen to. It’s just offbeat enough to add to this mix of mostly obscure Christmas hits.

The Best Vintage Christmas Songs Ever playlist has overall a very speakeasy, jazzy, swing feel to it as many of the songs on this playlist are from that speakeasy jazz era. Most of the songs are instrumentals but there are the few vocal songs thrown for good measure, like Santa Claus Came In The Spring, by Putney Dandridge, or Christmas Island by The Andrews Sisters, with Guy Lombardo. That’s not all. Also included is Suzy Snowflake, by Rosemary Clooney, and Send Me Your Love, with a brief vocal by Dorothy Collins.

They just don’t make Christmas songs like these anymore! They’re very proper, family oriented tunes that everyone enjoyed 50 to 75 years ago. They’re innocent and clean. Makes you wonder what happened to musicians today?

Listening to this Christmas Music Playlist will give anyone a classic, vintage feel, like listening to old scratchy records. The Best Vintage Christmas Songs Ever is a clever, innocent playlist from yesterday.

Any music lover can simply pop this best christmas songs music playlist on during the holidays and let it play in the background to get everyone in the festive Christmas spirit. The Best Vintage Christmas Songs Ever is best enjoyed during Christmas dinner or Christmas morning while opening Christmas present, or anytime there are family and friends around celebrating the holidays. The collection isn’t as weird as it might sound, but it’s very much a fine ride through a time forgotten.

There’s no Mariah Carey or Michael BublĂ© on this collection. Most of the singers on this mix are long gone, but not forgotten. This playlist is guaranteed to satisfy any listener. It’s a gem. Note: play the songs in order for best song flow, sit back and enjoy a new Christmas direction. Listen to the Best Christmas Songs Playlist at

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