Bitcoin Traders Now Have A New Online Support Service

05/06/2013 (press release: Nanice) // USA // Nanice Ellis

If you haven’t heard about Bitcoins, you soon will. Bitcoins are revolutionizing the monetary system and how we do business in the world, and as a result many investors are turning to Bitcoins and other Cyrpto Currencies such as Litecoins and Namecoins and finding big profits in doing so. Most crypto currency investors have discovered that the market moves fast and its volatile nature allows them to make or lose money in a blink of an eye. No doubt there is much lost sleep and stress in trying to stay ahead of the game and you have to stay glued to your computer in order to know which way the market is going and the best time to trade.

The newest online tool designed to solve this problem is set to make its debut May 2013. It’s called Go Bit Go and can be found at Go Bit Go will notify you via text or email when the price of Bitcoins hits the value you selected based on your preferences. The service is free, confidential and easy to use. In addition to Bitcoins, the service allows you to get notification for Litecoins, Novacoins, Teracoins and most other crypto currencies. You still have to rely on your own trading skills to make money, but at least now you can be sure to be notified when the market moves, and you can get some sleep at night. Go Bit Go is now accepting preliminary enrollment and you can be one of the first to try it out and get that edge on the competition. uses live data from BTC-E, Mt.Gox and Vircurex.

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