Blockchain Casual Golf Game “BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn” opens for Global Pre-re… – Press Release

By launching globally through Google Play, BIRDIE SHOT will improve user accessibility

–  A variety of in-game rewards will be given to users who have pre-registered on Google Play

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — METABORA (co-represented by Gyehan Song & Sangjoon Woo), an affiliate of Kakao Games, which develops and publishes global games, announced on Jan. 27th (Korea time) that the pre-registration event for their casual golf gameBIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn on Google Play has started.

BIRDIE SHOT, which launched last October, is not only available for download on the game’s official brand page, but also on the Google play Store, which will make the game accessible for more users.

The pre-registration event will continue for global users until BIRDIE SHOT is officially launched on Google Play, excluding some countries such as South Korea, China, Singapore, etc. where the service is not available. Even users who have already downloaded BIRDIE SHOT from its existing brand page can participate in the pre-registration event on Google Play. Those who pre-register will be rewarded a variety of items including one ELITE-tier ‘Ribbon Apeach’ character and 100 Epic Drinks which enable users to level up their own characters.

With the Google Play launch, the in-game contents of BIRDIE SHOT will be updated on a large scale. New competition modes will be added including the Near-pin Mode, where players who land their golf ball closest to the hole win the competition, and the Masters Mode, a 1vs1 competition where players earn GOLD based on their ranking. The Lucky Box system will also be updated, where players can exchange the GOLD they earned for various items.

In celebration of BIRDIE SHOT pre-registration on Google Play, METABORA will hold the ‘tBORA Airdrop’ event. In this event, METABORA will draw 1,000 people from those who have accessed the Gleam event page via the BORA Discord’s ‘BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn’ channel and completed missions…