Border reopening nonetheless scheduled for October

Border reopening still scheduled for October

Premier Alden McLaughlin confirmed Tuesday that Cayman’s borders were still on track to reopen in a phased manner from 1 Oct.

He acknowledged there were vastly different opinions among everyone in Cayman on how and when to reopen the islands to the world.

Premier Alden McLaughlin reads the latest regulations relating to the suppression of COVID-19 at Tuesday’s press briefing.

But he said government had to look at ways to bring back tourism and the revenue it provides. He said Cayman would proceed with caution and the first phase of reopening would likely be aimed largely at vacation-home owners and other long-stay tourists.

“It is not a question of us opening the borders and saying, ‘All who want to come and visit our beautiful Caribbean island, please come.’

“It is aimed at people who own or have access to a place here and intend to stay significantly more than two weeks.”

Government is still fine-tuning the likely protocols and requirements for entry into the islands but…