Boris Johnson’s massive Biden assembly overshadowed by Brexit bother

Boris Johnson's big Biden meeting overshadowed by Brexit trouble

The British Prime Minister is set to welcome US President Joe Biden to Cornwall, England, on Thursday for a bilateral meeting where the pair are scheduled to discuss a new “Atlantic Charter” — a modern update to the joint statement between Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the challenges facing the world after the Second World War.
Biden is in the UK because Johnson is hosting the G7 summit in what was supposed to be Britain’s big return to the international arena.
Instead, Thursday’s talks will most likely be overshadowed by heated discussions on the current and very real danger of violence erupting in Northern Ireland, as the real-world consequences of Brexit continue to undermine the peace deal brokered by the US in 1998.
The Times of London newspaper reported Wednesday that America’s senior diplomat in Britain, on the orders of Biden, berated Johnson’s chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, for “inflaming” tensions on the island of Ireland.

The report said that…