Plaid Dog Recording, Boston’s newest recording studio, opens in Allston

11/02/2013 (press release: ssmleads) // Boston, MA, USA // Mike Davidson, Owner, Plaid Dog Recording

Plaid Dog Recording, Boston’s newest professional recording studio, has opened its doors with a unique mission that goes beyond recording – this business serves to help musicians build audiences, raise funds for full scale projects, and develop successful careers in the music industry. “Plaid Dog goes beyond traditional audio engineering by helping up-and-coming, talented musicians generate the resources they need to increase interest in their music, grow their fan bases, and monetize their work without the need for a record label. This new model allows musicians to retain 100% ownership of the songs while still gaining access to the opportunities they need to grow and progress as artists,” said Mike Davidson, Record Producer and owner of Plaid Dog Recording.

Plaid Dog’s business model supports the growing trend of today’s musicians who are no longer relying on record labels for promotional and financial support. “We are seeing more bands taking their music direct to their fans via local and online communities by way of social networks and crowd funding,” said Mike Davidson. “Our goal is to not only produce an excellent high-quality recording for our artists, but also support them as they promote and profit from their music.” Along with audio engineering and producer services, Plaid Dog provides a host of tools that help musicians raise funds via crowd sourcing sites such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. “Our goal is to help talented artists effectively communicate their messages to listeners, with strong content and added credibility. This allows artists to launch their music careers much faster and successfully, while still allowing them to maintain control of their product and income,” said Mike Davidson.

For a typical client, Plaid Dog starts a collaborative artistic development process to help define a concept and direction for the initial recordings and fine-tune the overall composition’s structure, lyrics, melody and harmony.

When the band is ready to make a recording, Mike Davidson and the Plaid Dog team of engineers go to work to provide the band with a highly professional finished product that can compete on satellite outlets and terrestrial radio play. Plaid Dog also provides fund raising campaign development services to help bands succeed in the unique environment of online fundraising. “Raising funds via crowd funding requires newly developed skill sets, and we are helping our artists to create campaigns with strong, clear messaging, new music content, and exclusive offers to increase interest in the campaign itself,” said Mike Davidson. “The crowd funding process has become the most viable and sustainable path for independent artists to generate income. Our philosophy is, there is money out there, but bands need to learn how to ask for it and develop their own network of artistic patrons to help them fund albums, tours and other creative projects.”

Plaid Dog also provides musical artists with the social media marketing expertise necessary to expand their audience and be financially successful in this new model of the music business. “We activate an extensive social media network for our artists,” said Mike Davidson. “This helps the music gain exposure via Twitter and Facebook followers who are linked back to crowd funding sites.” The Plaid Dog marketing team also promotes the band to journalists and bloggers to help generate publicity.

About Plaid Dog Recording

Plaid Dog Recording is a boutique recording studio based in Allston, Massachusetts. Mike Davidson, owner of Plaid Dog, is a Boston based Producer-Engineer with 15+ years of professional experience, working with both established and up-and-coming musicians to create an artistic, professional, commercially viable product. Mike’s background as a musician and technical training as an engineer allows him to bring a broad skill set to his projects. While studying audio recording at Emerson College, Mike worked as the Live Mix Director at WERS 88.9 FM. During and after his time at Emerson, Mike worked to become a fixture in the Boston music community, known for quality recording and creative direction. Mike Davidson’s musician clients have included many local Boston artists, as well as many national and international touring acts.

Here are some recent Plaid Dog Recording projects:

Ariel Rubin – Kickstarter Fundraiser: Mike Davidson and the Plaid Dog Recording team helped Cambridge, MA singer-songwriter Ariel Rubin raise over $15,000 to produce and promote her new EP, “Big Spoon.”

Steph Barrak – Debut Album recording: Mike Davidson helped Boston singer-songwriter Steph Barrak conceptualize, develop and record her debut album, “Words to Break Your Heart.”


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