Brad Pitt’s breezy linen skirt on the pink carpet

Written by Leah Dolan, CNN

This week, many of us have been dealing with the record-breaking temperatures beating down across Europe and parts of America. While the worrying heat may have you wishing you could draw the blinds, crank up the fan and lay as still as possible, there are jobs to work and paychecks to earn, and that’s Brad Pitt’s reality too.

On Tuesday, the star was in Berlin for the film preview of his new action flick “Bullet Train” while the city saw highs in the mid-90s. Pitt kept it cool by wearing a head-to-toe linen look featuring a brown skirt, matching jacket and a salmon button-up shirt left attentively half-open.

Fans and critics alike took to the internet to weigh in on Pitt’s knee-skimming hem-line, but the jury was out on whether the outfit “absolutely slayed” or should have come “with a warning,” as some Twitter users put it. The skirt even earned Pitt an eponymous trending hashtag on Twitter.

The all-linen look raised some eyebrows online.

The all-linen look raised some eyebrows online. Credit: Tristar…