Brain Garden – The 5th Zhijiang International Youth Art Festival 2023 & CAA Grad… – Press Release


Let the Flowers of Youth Bloom

Let the Artistic Creativity Flow

HANGZHOU, China, June 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Brain Garden – The 5th Zhijiang International Youth Art Festival 2023 & CAA Graduation Season kicked off online and offline on June 1. This edition of Youth Art Festival is co-hosted by Zhejiang Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Publicity Department of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, China Academy of Art (CAA), and Zhejiang Conservatory of Music under the guidance of the Publicity Department of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government. The festival features a wide variety of online and offline artistic shows and activities centered on the future and the youth. It is a grand city-wide artistic feast in Hangzhou.

The Youth Art Festival is presented online on CAACOSMOS and West Lake Sky Screen and offline at six venues, namely Zhejiang Exhibition Hall, West Lake Art Museum, Zhejiang Art Museum, World Tourism Museum (1368 Xiangxi Road), Quan Shanshi Art Center, and Yichuang Town, with a total exhibition area of nearly 70,000 square meters. Over 3,000 works from more than 2,500 Class of 2023 graduates (including 1,766 undergraduates, 688 masters, and 97 doctors) are showcased. Over 2,000 young artists, designers, writers, and scholars have gathered online for this youthful art event.

This is a city-wide cross-sectoral youthful creative event as well as a program of public art education for all.

A Self-iterated Youth Art Festival, Inspiring the Young Generation with Art

CAA Graduation Season is dynamic.

CAA was the first to hold a Graduation Season open to all Hangzhou citizens in 2010 and upgraded it to Zhijiang International Youth Art Festival in 2019, a festival celebrated across the whole city. The Youth Art Festival allows the graduation season to be enjoyed by all outside the campus, inspires the public with art,…