Brigii launches its smallest vacuum cleaner MX20 for busy moms who need to clean… – Press Release

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Brigii, a leading manufacturer of innovative household appliances, has just launched its smallest vacuum cleaner- the MX20. With an advanced brushless DC motor, the MX20 mini vacuum weighs only 0.83 lbs but delivers an impressive suction power of up to 9,000 PA. This allows it to pick up dust, crumbs, and dirt from crevices and other hard-to-reach areas easily. Making it the perfect tool for busy moms who need quick and efficient cleaning for their daily routine.

Maintaining a clean home can be a significant challenge for busy mothers. Children are naturally curious and love to explore their environment, often leaving a trail of messes in their wake. Additionally, household chores such as laundry and dishes can quickly pile up, leaving little time for other cleaning tasks.” I can’t stand a messy house – it’s the one thing that really bothers me! Whenever my home is disorganized, I find it hard to focus and it disrupts my whole day.  But luckily, I can now use the MX20 vacuum cleaner to clean as I go about my chores,” a mother of two children said. “ It easily picks up kids’ crumbs and dust that fall between crevices such as kitchen tiles. With its small size, I can now clean anywhere quickly between doing loads of laundry, cooking meals, or helping my children with homework. “

The MX20’s slim profile allows it to easily reach tight spots and suck up dirt from crevices that bulky vacuums cannot. So you can tackle any of those spots that your regular vacuum might not be able to reach, such as the dreaded gap between the stove and the countertop, between seats and in cup holders, floor lines, and window slots.

Unlike traditional brushed motor vacuum cleaners, the Brigii MX20 handheld vacuum uses a brushless DC motor to avoid wearing out or collecting hair around.  This makes it maintenance-free while delivering consistent strong suction over time.  In addition, there are many advantages to using brushless motors.

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