Britain’s value of residing disaster is pushing tens of millions to the brink

“Everything’s increasing,” she told CNN Business during a visit to The Boiler House, which provides discounted food, footwear and fuel vouchers from a red brick building on a public housing estate in east London.

“Milk was 80p ($1.05). The smallest one, that’s gone to £1 ($1.31),” she said. “The bread — the cheapest bread that we used to do for £1 — has gone to £1.20 ($1.57).”

Average worker pay suffered its biggest drop in more than seven years in the three months to January, falling by 1% over the same period a year ago once inflation is taken into account, the UK Office for National Statistics said on Tuesday. And the war in Ukraine has driven energy costs even higher — gasoline and diesel prices have soared to new record highs in recent days.

The Boiler House has multiple sites, including the Northwold Youth & Community Hub in east London.

The Boiler House Youth and Community Space started its food pantry during the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike a traditional food bank, guests browse and shop for their own items, paying a £6.50 ($8.50) fee to receive about £35…