Builders defend initiatives going through public backlash

Developers defend projects facing public backlash

Barkers Beach

(CNS): Local residents challenging the pace of development are no longer just committed environmental activists but increasingly include Caymanians who have been marginalized by projects that undermine the culture and heritage of these islands, but some developers are standing by their plans, despite the controversy they are causing. Matthew Wight, one of three Caymanian developers behind a proposed beach resort in Little Cayman that includes over-the-water bungalows, said he has received a lot of support for the project, and Joseph Coe told CNS he was proud of the Barkers Beach project.

Meanwhile, the largest developer of all is coming out fighting with the National Conservation Council, as Dart makes it clear it does not want to conduct an environmental impact assessment before it gets the green light for its controversial planned area development.

Despite opposition on social media and a very mixed response on CNS last month to the Little Cayman…