Business & Economic Impact Study Reveals an Average 6156% ROI for Mission Contro… – Press Release

Mission Control, a leading, customer-centric Project Management and Professional Service Automation (PSA) platform, today released the findings from a commissioned business and economic impact study conducted by Klein Research.

Mission Control commissioned Klein to interview a cross-section of customers to understand and quantify the impact that implementing Mission Control has had on their organization. The purpose of this report is to give the reader insight into the costs and benefits associated with Mission Control to assist their internal estimation of the financial impact on their business.

In addition to reporting the individual outcomes and experiences these businesses have faced, the report summarizes a range of non-commercial impacts experienced by respondents which include improved visibility, scale opportunities, quicker project initiation and staff satisfaction and retention.

The attributed impacts of Mission Control were averaged out across the study respondents and include the below topline results:

  • 32% increase in project profit
  • 10% increase in overall revenue
  • 34% improvement in operational and project efficiency
  • 5% increase in billable utilization
  • 6156% ROI 

Prior to implementing Mission Control, the businesses interviewed used a range of tools and varying processes within their business to manage resourcing, capture time, costs, and project billing. Mission Control was selected on the basis of:

  • Being native to Salesforce
  • The ease of implementation
  • The ease with which it could be tailored and customized to meet their business requirements
  • Being competitively priced without compromising features or functionality.

Colin Johnson, Mission Control CEO & Co-Founder, added “Credibility is everything in the SaaS category, consumers have such an array of choice, and it can be difficult to delineate between options on an initial fly-over – having a document that has been independently authored and verified, with factual data and…