CA Employment Lawyer: Casa Loma College Faces Wrongful Termination Suit

03/19/2012 // Los Angeles, CA, USA // Keller Grover LLP // Los Angeles Employment Lawyer Eric Grover

Los Angeles, CA (CA Employment Lawyer News) — A former administrator at the Casa Loma College Van Nuys campus has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, claiming he was fired for raising concerns over record doctoring in order to acquire federal funding, reports Los Angeles Employment Lawyer Eric Grover of Keller Grover LLP.

The San Fernando Valley Sun reported that Billy So filed the lawsuit on Feb. 28, 2012, against the Casa Loma College School of Nursing & Allied Health, also naming Vicki Kim, the school’s executive director of registrars.

So claims that he was hired at the college in 2008 as a director of registrars. During that year he began noticing “inaccuracies and errors in academic record keeping,” that “involved the intentional fabrication and alteration of records in order to justify federal funding requirements.”

The lawsuit also alleges that students were given diplomas even though they did not complete their degree requirements.

The issues began when So received an email in January 2010, that “instructed him and other employees to falsify documents relating to student attendance and participation in certain projects in order to avoid any interruption of federal funding,” the San Fernando Valley Sun reported.

So expressed his concerns over the illegal activity to his managers on several occasions, and as a result the administration reportedly “became very hostile” towards him.

In June 2010, a grievance was filed that alleged unlawful practices at the college, and So continued to voice his concerns to management. But, So was ultimately transferred to another campus “to keep him quiet.”

The suit further claims that Kim began distributing So’s work to other employees in May, months before he was later fired in November. Management claimed that So was fired for not doing his job adequately and because he was sleeping on the job.

“Entering falsified data in order to receive federal funding is illegal and morally wrong,” notes Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover. “If these accusations are true, then Casa Loma College could be facing more legal action than just an employment lawsuit.”

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