California may extend health coverage to immigrant children


06/02/2015 // JusticeNewsFlash // (press release)

California – The California Senate has approved a measure that may extend health coverage to immigrant children regardless of their legal status. According to an Associated Press report, the passage of the legislation would make the state the country’s first to extend health coverage to children who do not have legal citizenship.

In accordance with provisions of the bill, immigrant children under the age of 19 from low-income families would qualify for Medi-Cal, a state funded program.

In addition, the measure would seek authorization by the federal government to sell unsubsidized private health insurance to individuals who are in the country illegally through the health exchange facilitated by the state.

Some Republicans have argued that the bill would not be helpful in giving immigrants access to doctors due to the limited number of providers who accept Medi-Cal.

The measure advanced to the Assembly on a 28-11 vote.