Canada Law Firm Rate Report 2022: Overall Rates for Large Canadian Law Firms Con… – Press Release


Dublin, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Valeo 2022 Canada Law Firm Rate Report” report has been added to’s offering.

The Valeo 2022 Canadian Law Firm Hourly Rate Report is the most comprehensive and detailed competitive intelligence and legal pricing tool available because the Report details average hourly rates by individual law firms as opposed to aggregate groupings of law firms with disparate pricing structures as is found in surveys, peer services and e-billing reports.

We changed the sections in the Report to provide more detail on 1) law firms based in Canada and 2) those based outside of Canada but operating there. We also bifurcated large law firms from middle-market firms so that you could see the differences in pricing as opposed to having big and small firms’ rates averaged together which is not that helpful.

The publisher researches, reviews, and analyzes hourly rates that are publicly disclosed of attorneys and support staff at currently 1,700 law firms representing over 12,000 client entities. Secondary public records research is performed to complete detailed engagement profiles of the attorneys and companies involved.

Through this process we are able to provide actionable data to our users – mainly law firms and corporations – of the Online Pricing Platform to make 1) direct comparisons between attorneys and firms (as opposed to general averages of a collection of various firms’ rates as found in surveys or e-billing services) and 2) important pricing and strategy decisions enterprise-wide or engagement-by-engagement.

In the Online Pricing Platform, all hourly rates, hours and fees for each individual attorney are cited as to the source. For example, the citation for a court filing includes: case name, case number, court, case filing date, filing number, filing description, attorney and support staff listed by full name, client name, hourly rate of each timekeeper, hours billed, total hours and the time period in which…