Canadian Vaping Association: Quebec’s proposed vape flavour ban will harm the pr… – Press Release

BEAMSVILLE, Ontario, April 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, the Government of Quebec released the Official Gazette of Quebec proposing a ban on flavoured nicotine vaping products except for tobacco flavour. The Gazette also proposes a volume limit of 2 mL on prefilled devices and a limit of 30 mL on refill containers. Additionally, that the draft regulations would restrict nicotine concentrations to 20 mg/mL and prohibit the use of any form, appearance or function that may be attractive to minors, both of which have already been regulated by the federal government.

The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) is aggrieved by the proposed regulations which have come after the association and industry advocates clearly outlined the negative consequences of such policy to the Government of Quebec. Vaping is proven to be significantly less harmful than smoking, and there is substantial evidence from jurisdictions that have already implemented flavour bans that the public health outcome is negative, as many vapers will return to smoking and fewer smokers will switch to vaping.

Moreover, within the proposed regulation, the Government of Quebec recognises that specialty vape stores will experience closures and job losses, while convenience stores who sell tobacco company owned brands will experience a lesser impact on sales. The CVA believes that the Government of Quebec does not fully appreciate the scope of the anticipated economic impact. Canada has already seen through Nova Scotia that within 90-days of a flavour ban, the speciality industry was decimated. Quebec will experience thousands of business closures, job losses, broken lease agreements and terminated contracts with tertiary suppliers.

“Ironically, Quebec began this regulatory process because of a news article claiming vape shops were enticing youth to vape by selling candy. The end result of the proposed regulation is the destruction of Quebec’s only age-restricted access point. Should a flavour ban be…