Car Enthusiasts Finally Have Something To Look Forward To With Ottocast’s Disruptive Industry-First Technology

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No matter what part of the world you are living in, you simply can’t ignore the fact that the automotive world has come a long way and is continuing to thrive at top speed. Vehicle technology has significantly improved over the years as manufacturers are always on the lookout to deliver not just better-performing aesthetics but to elevate the overall experience of driving. From seatbelts to automatic parking and everything in between, technology in cars has always gotten better and more advanced. But since the past few years, there hasn’t been a major breakthrough in the industry apart from self-drive technology and the introduction of Electric Vehicles.

But very recently, Ottocast’s smart adapter has taken the industry by storm by offering a disruptive industry-first technology for car enthusiasts to look forward to in 2022.

Ottocast has emerged to be the first company that has successfully built the first-of-its-kind smart adapter that allows drivers to use Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay on their in-built car stereo within 30 seconds. The 2-in-1 wireless adapter provides a unique, smart, and user-friendly way to automatically integrate your phone to access content on your car’s bigger screen.

Yes, connecting your phone to your car’s stereo is not a completely new concept as drivers could do this through a USB or Bluetooth connection, but back then it was limited to making calls or playing music from your device. Skipping to the good part, we now have Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that offer numerous applications that drivers can use on the go for an immersive experience.

Why Ottocast?

Wouldn’t it be cool to use Google Maps, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Audible, and other infotainment apps, all with your phone resting in your pocket? You read it right the first time, we are talking about wireless technology that enables you to connect your phone with your car’s stereo via a smart adapter and use every single feature that you’d otherwise use on a day-to-day basis.

The problem with the existing plug-and-play devices in the market is that they do not solve the present-day issues of drivers and car enthusiasts. Even in the era of all things wireless, ICE-compatible devices use a wire/cable to connect the mobile to the head unit. This is a cumbersome process as drivers need to make sure that they are carrying the cable with them at all times, not to forget the hassle of constant wear and tear and the need to buy a new cable every few days. The smart adapter by Ottocast makes it possible to turn wired Android Auto and CarPlay into a completely wireless experience in a matter of seconds.

But why is it important for drivers to embrace wireless Android Auto and CarPlay? Touchscreen infotainment systems are not a luxury anymore; all you need is an in-car entertainment (ICE) system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to get going. Many automobile manufacturers are realizing the convenience of providing this technology and are working toward providing factory-fitted systems compatible with the feature, even in smaller and affordable vehicles. In fact, there are also some motorbikes that come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible entertainment systems.

As technology gets even more advanced, we really can’t wait to see what else we will be able to do with our smartphones and connected cars. But for now, it’s high time for drivers to switch to Ottocast’s smart adapter. Interestingly, the revolutionary device comes with a 5Ghz WiFi for fast media transmission and works without the need to install a companion app on your smartphone.

Not just this, the big news for car enthusiasts is that the smart adapter is already up for grabs for them to get first-hand experience.

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