Carbon offset plan to guard native mangroves

Cayman News Service

Photo by Protect Our Future

(CNS): The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) has partnered with Island Offsets, a newly formed non-profit organisation, to enable companies to offset their carbon footprint locally through the Trust’s Land Reserve Fund as part of a project to tackle climate change globally while protecting local mangroves. Local companies, offshore entities domiciled here and even international businesses are being offered a genuine way of greening their unavoidable emissions by contributing to the purchase of wetlands under threat from development. It also solidifies the concept that land can have economic value in the absence of development.

Catherine Childs, the Trust’s environmental programmes manager, is the founder of Island Offsets, which is a locally registered NPO that will co-ordinate the initiative. She told CNS that although this is a locally focused project to help conserve mangroves and wetlands in the Cayman Islands, it is open…