Carbone takes intention at Rao’s with new grocery store sauce lineup

The high-end New York-based Italian restaurant Carbone is for the first time selling its pasta sauces online and in some supermarkets, as part of a broader push into consumer packaged foods.

Carbone’s parent company Major Food Groups announced Monday the launch of Carbone Fine Foods, a line designed for “consumers to now experience the Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in their homes.”

Carbone pasta sauaces are now on sale.

Its three pasta sauces — marinara, arrabbiata and tomato basil — cost $8.99 for a 24-ounce jar. The company said the sauces are made in small batches, just like at its restaurants.

That price point puts Carbone the premium category, which has been dominated by Rao’s, another New York-based Italian restaurant that has expanded in the grocery space recently with new frozen items and sauces. Rao’s currently sells the same sauce flavors for a similar price of Carbone’s options.

Carbone’s arrival comes as more people are cooking at home and shifting their cupboard preferences toward more expensive…