Caregiver Action Network Announces New Resource for Families of Loved Ones with Heart Failure

Washington, DC, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hearing that a loved one has been diagnosed with heart failure brings fear, stress, and a whole lot of questions. Caregiver Action Network has developed a new resource, the Heart Failure Caregiver Navigator, to help those caring for a loved one with heart failure to navigate the diagnosis and feel better equipped to handle it.

”A diagnosis of heart failure brings fear of the unknown, unanswered questions, and anxiety to both the patient and the family caregiver,” said John Schall, Chief Executive Officer of CAN. “The Heart Failure Caregiver Navigator will better equip family caregivers to prepare for and cope with the stress of having a loved one diagnosed with heart failure.”

The Heart Failure Caregiver Navigator provides information for family caregivers of loved ones diagnosed with heart failure in five topics:

  • Where Does a Caregiver Start focuses on the process of getting to a diagnosis of heart failure—which often mimics other conditions—and helps the caregiver better understand the diagnosis and how to communicate with their loved one’s care team.
  • Establishing a Route discusses the caregiver’s role, such as reporting any new or changing symptoms to the loved one’s health care team.
  • Making Sure You’re Staying on the Proper Route focuses on the importance of maintaining key information such as symptoms and the loved one’s patient file. This topic also addresses: communicating with their loved one’s doctor; communicating changes in symptoms with everyone in the care team—health care professionals, family members, and others; and communicating with the loved one and keeping them informed and participating as much as possible.
  • Preparing for Emergency Stops gives tips on what to expect during a visit to the ER, how to prepare for such a visit, and how to avoid needing to go there.
  • Taking a Pit Stop for You discusses how important is it for caregivers to remember to take care of themselves and gives information on where to find help and support.  

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