Carnival cruise ship catches fireplace in Grand Turk

Carnival cruise ship catches fire in Grand Turk


Fire aboard the Carnival Freedom (photo from social media)

(CNS) A smokestack funnel on a Carnival cruise ship was engulfed in flames on Thursday morning after a fire broke out while the vessel was at the dock in Grand Turk. The Carnival Freedom was on the final stop of a five-night cruise with 2,504 guests and 972 crew aboard when the blaze started in the funnel. In a statement, the cruise line’s management said the emergency response team quickly extinguished the fire and no one was hurt.

“All guests and crew are safe, and the ship’s guests were cleared by local authorities to go ashore. We continue to assess the situation, the cruise company said. “While the majority of Carnival Freedom’s guests went ashore in Grand Turk today, Carnival’s technical team completed an initial assessment of the funnel and related features, and the shoreside team completed a plan to get our guests back to Port Canaveral.”

Carnival said it would be sending its sister…