CastleGrade’s G-Series Face Masks: Offering Superior Quality and Comfort


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Entrepreneur Dan Castle is passionate about safety, especially during the pandemic. Therefore, his reusable N95 FDA registered mask—valve and vent-free— is a top-notch solution to many mask-wearing issues such as comfort, safety, and affordability.

CastleGrade reusable N95 FDA registered masks are Castle’s upgrade to an earlier version of the mask produced by Anna Grinvald in December. Grinvald, an entrepreneur and business owner, sought to invent a mask that would prevent foggy glasses, a constant complaint from her mother, who lives in a senior care facility.

With Ron Grinvald, a former injection mold specialist for NASA, Anna and Castle improved the original G-Series mask. Recently tested by the FDA, Nelson Labs, Alpha Labs, and SMQ Labs, the latest version of the mask has tested above 97 percent on all filtration tests, including 98.2 percent on the NIOSH NacL test. Anna’s mother was extremely excited to see that she finally had a quality, safe mask that didn’t fog her glasses.

CastleGrade N95 masks do precisely what Castle intended—address ongoing issues such as affordability of N95 masks. CastleGrade masks are reusable, saving both money and the planet at the same time. However, there is a problem that still concerns Castle—frontline workers want access to the best protection, yet many don’t know the CastleGrade masks exist because of advertising regulations.

According to an article in The Guardian, Facebook issued a ban on N95 mask advertising as part of an effort to prevent social media from becoming a platform to exploit people’s concerns about the pandemic. Additionally, the ban was intended to avoid price gouging for the higher grade masks when supply is limited. Finally, the ban aims to keep the best masks available for healthcare workers who need them the most.

Castle says he understands the reasons for the ban; however, many of the initial concerns have gone by the wayside. Castle says people who want and need his ultra-safe masks don’t know they exist because the media advertising ban is still in place. Castle says the ban might have been necessary early on in the pandemic, but now it’s causing manufacturers like him to have huge inventories with no way to advertise to the millions of people who want and need his masks.

What makes CastleGrade masks superior compared to traditional N95 face masks? This answer begins with safe air filtration. Castle says, “Our G-Series Masks use a 4-ply filter composed of 4 layers of filtration materials with no valves or vents, so both user and those around them are protected. Air is filtered in upon inhaling and exhaling.” Castle adds that this filtration method has an efficiency score considerably higher than 95 percent across multiple lab tests. Paired with the superior, soft, form-fitting seal with natural suction, the CastleGrade mask offers exceptionally safe air quality. And maybe most practical for those who wear glasses—no fog!

The G-Series mask comes in seven fashionable colors with silicone, around-the-ear straps for all-day comfort without the hassle of having to pull the straps over your head. The straps are adjustable and available in three colors: Blue, Black, and Grey. Finally, the G-Series N95 mask is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Even though CastleGrade is still not allowed to advertise its masks on social media, word is spreading that their G-Series N95 masks effectively keep harmful elements out and clean filtered air in. When you pair that ‘plus’ with the style, comfort, and easy sanitizing, this mask can be deemed one of the best available to the general public. Oh—and let’s not forget the ‘no fog’ feature for people who wear glasses. This aspect alone is a total game-changer.

This summer, Castle will introduce the long-awaited “T-Series teacher’s mask,” which allows for new upgrades and features that teachers have been asking for to keep them protected in the classroom.

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