Cayman prepares plan for potential inflow of migrants

Cayman News Service

Cuban migrants reach Cayman Brac in 2016

(CNS): Last year government spent $850,000 managing Cuban migrants, but a continued surge of people fleeing the communist island nation could cost much more and put a severe strain on local resources, as happened most notably almost 30 years ago when more than 2,000 Cubans passed through the Cayman Islands. However, the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) is forming a plan that includes assistance if necessary from other British Overseas Territories (BOTs) in the region if a mass migration event occurred. Eleven more migrants arrived on Thursday, bringing the total number of Cuban migrants in detention to 117.

The latest vessel arrived on 28 April with seven males and four females, according to the CBC, who did not say if any were children. The migrants were severely dehydrated and two required medical assistance which was rendered by Health Services Authority staff on the scene, the CBC said.

Over the last two months 62 migrants…