CDC to warn some vacationers to look at for Marburg virus signs because it investigates outbreaks in Africa

Marburg virus: Cameroon finds suspected cases of illness similar to Ebola


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sending personnel to Africa to help stop outbreaks of Marburg virus disease and urging travelers to certain countries to take precautions.

Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania are facing their first known outbreaks of Marburg virus, a viral fever with uncontrolled bleeding that’s a close cousin to Ebola. This week, the CDC urged travelers to both countries to avoid contact with sick people and watching for symptoms 21 days after leaving the area. Travelers to Equatorial Guinea should take enhanced precautions and avoid non-essential travel to the provinces where the outbreak is occurring, the agency said.

In the United States, the agency will post notices on airport monitors to warn travelers coming off flights from Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania to watch for symptoms of the virus for 21 days, and seek care immediately if they…