CEEX Exchange Grandly Launches Global AI Computing Power Index at Tokyo WebX Con… – Press Release


Tokyo, Japan, July 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On July 25, 2023, at the WebX Conference in Tokyo, Japan, the CEEX Exchange, in conjunction with EDGE MATRIX, and with the joint support of institutions such as INOVAI TECH and the Hong Kong Blockchain Investment and Application Research Institute, launched the E-index Global AI Computing Power Index. This index not only has guiding value for the AI industry, but also has profound impact on the entire Web3 field.

On July 27, CEEX held a closed-door seminar on board the Symphony in Tokyo Bay, where experts from various fields, including digital currency experts, investors, researchers, AI developers, and economists, discussed the future development of AI+Web3.

During the meeting, Blade, the executive investor of CEEX, deeply analyzed the development trends of AI and Web3, and how to achieve win-win through cross-border cooperation. He also initiated strategic cooperation with the famous decentralized AI computing power network EDGE MATRIX and the famous Japanese basic computing power builder INVOAI TECH, forming the decentralized AI infrastructure alliance WAIGC. His views deeply resonated with the attendees, and were highly recognized by the Japanese web3 industry.

Zack, the president of CEEX Tokyo Company, and hundreds of industry insiders discussed the construction and development of the E-index, which will provide new references and services for global computing power companies.

The Global AI Computing Power Index jointly developed by CEEX and EDGE MATRIX takes into account multiple factors such as AI listed company data, GPU prices, global trade index, and news data. Through public calculation methods, it provides basic support for the RWA trading of AI computing power, and plays an important reference role for a large number of AI training, development and application companies in judging the risk trend of AI computing power investment. 

The release of the Global AI Computing Power Index will also become the…