“Chain Reaction” Exposes Health Hazards of America’s Love Affair With Fast Food

06/23/2013 (press release: donaldbillings) // San Francisco, California, United States // Brenda Billings

UrbanSculpt LLC. is pleased to announce publication of a new book which delivers a shocking exposé of America’s life-threatening relationship with junk food.

The book, “Chain Reaction: America’s Toxic Love Affair with Chain Restaurants,” authored by Brenda Rivera-Billings, M.Sc., is now available on Amazon Kindle. ($2.99).

“Chain Reaction” lifts the lid off the multitude of ways in which today’s love of fast food and comfort food is having a devastating effect on the overall health of the nation.

Rivera-Billings said, “Many of our most beloved dishes act as toxic time bombs, contributing to an unsustainable health epidemic in our country. In my book I explain the grave risks that Americans face if they don’t pay attention to all of the urgent warning signs. I also clearly list the foods that we should avoid to get on the path to a life and a body that’s healthy and in balance.”

In “Chain Reaction,” which is part of UrbanSculpt’s Book-a-Day series, Rivera-Billings reports on one recent study which revealed that the comfort foods served up in several chain restaurants contained more than a whopping 5,000 calories in a single entrée, several times the entire recommended daily allowance.

Her book begins with a discussion of the revealing and groundbreaking 2004 documentary “Super Size Me” and explains how America’s lover affair with calorie-dense food began and grew, along with our waistlines. She goes on to outline the dangers of sugars, fats and salt and makes us aware of the deceptive marketing and labeling claims that permeate the industry.

About UrbanSculpt LLC

UrbanSculpt’s Book-a-Day series was developed to provide a knowledgeable, insightful and sometimes provocative perspective on issues surrounding environmental health, sustainability, positive sexuality, and whole-body wellness. Each volume typically contains less than 20,000 words and is designed to be read in a single, one-hour session.

About the Author

Brenda Rivera -Billings, M.Sc. is the Principal Health Education Practitioner for UrbanSculpt LLC, a San Francisco-based wellness company dedicated to promoting positive social change, sustainability, and environmental health through original health-education publishing, environmental health research, and B2B / B2C green product retail channels. Her research focuses on issues related to environment health, wellness counseling, positive sexuality, and women’s self-empowerment issues. Brenda graduated summa cum laude from a branch of Touro College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science Education specializing in Environmental Health. She also holds a Master of Science in Health Science Education.

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