Changhong Ranked Among China’s Top 50 Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises – Be… – Press Release

  • Its advanced 5G+Industrial Internet intelligent production line was a key factor in driving the inclusion in the coveted list

MIANYANG, China, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Changhong, a top Chinese electrical household appliance maker, has recently been selected to enter China’s Top 50 Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises list for its advanced 5G+Industrial Internet intelligent production line. The list was jointly released by CIWEEK (a publication of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), eNet Research Institute and De Ben Management Consulting.

In 2020, China’s first 5G+Industrial Internet production line was put into operation at Changhong’s smart display factory. It is one of the most advanced mass customization production lines for smart TVs in the country, enabling the integration of each step into one seamless workflow: planning, process, procurement, materials and finished products, all of which is facilitated through the monitoring and management of the entire production process via industrial equipment control systems.

In the same year, Changhong’s modular smart manufacturing center outside of China was established. Equipped with an information system bringing together an IoT cloud platform, big data, artificial intelligence, and other support technologies, the center serves as an industry-leading efficient, flexible and smart manufacturing system that supports mass customization of the final product. This marks Changhong’s successful transformation into an intelligent manufacturer.

Changhong began exploring markets outside of China In 1998. Following the establishment of its TV and air conditioning factory in Indonesia in 2000, Changhong opened its Czech Republic plant in 2005, becoming the first Chinese home appliance company to invest independently in Europe. In 2011, Changhong formed a strategic partnership with RUBA Group, Pakistan’s largest home appliance distributor, to establish Changhong RUBA Company and launch a joint venture to build a product line…