Charity hopes to stretch $500k to repair 20 houses

Charity hopes to stretch $500k to fix 20 homes

(CNS): Using a grant of just $500,000 from the R3 Foundation, a charity founded by Dart, Resilience Cayman is hoping to repair up to 20 homes of elderly and vulnerable people. As poverty grows across the Cayman Islands, many people are unable to fix up old or storm-damaged homes because of escalating costs, low incomes and inadequate pensions.

Many more homes are in need of work to get them sealed and dry to protect against future storms, but the available funds are “used up in the blink of an eye”, according to R3 Relief Committee Chair Woody Foster.

Resilience Cayman, which is a separate local non-profit organisation and not part of R3, has been partnering with the Cayman Islands Government to work on community homes for more than 18 months. Its chairperson, Jan Gupta, said there had been a huge volume of applications for housing repairs from the community.

“There is always more to be done, and limited resources need to be used as efficiently as possible…