Chickens not the goal of latest conservation guidelines

Feral chickens on Grand Cayman, Cayman News Service

Feral chickens on Grand Cayman

(CNS): No one is going to jail for feeding animals in their own yards, even wild chickens, the Department of Environment has said. The regulations relating to the control of alien species come into force today, but over the last week social media has exploded with misinformation about the new rules, which have been drawn up for the purpose of protecting Cayman’s endemic and native species, many of which are under serious threat from a multitude of problems, not least invasive species.

The new rules have come under fire from members of the public, including complaints about the programme in the Sister Islands to cull feral cats, which are pushing native species, such as nesting sea birds and rock iguanas, to the brink of local extinction. There have also been many misleading comments about the penalties for feeding feral animals, but the DoE says the regulations are not about punishing people for feeding chickens.

The new rules are…