Chile wildfires depart no less than 22 folks lifeless, officers say

View of burnt trees during a fire in Santa Juana, Concepcion province, Chile on February 3, 2023.


At least 22 people have died in connection with widespread forest fires in south-central Chile, according to government officials.

Interior Minister Carolina Tohá confirmed during a news conference on Saturday that 22 people are dead. There are 1,429 people in shelters, 554 injured and 16 suffering severe burns who are in serious condition, she said.

Twenty-eight of the hundreds of fires in Chile in recent days have burned the amount of forest and woodland the country typically loses over the course of a year, Tohá said.

The minister also described record high temperatures in several of the affected regions of Chile.

“The thermometer has reached levels that we’ve never seen until now,” Tohá said.

On Saturday, President Gabriel Boric announced via Twitter that neighboring…