China Covid lockdown: Hundreds of vacationers trapped in resort city in Guangxi after shutdown

China Covid lockdown: Thousands of tourists trapped in resort town in Guangxi after shutdown

The city of Beihai, a popular summer holiday destination known for its white-sand beach and volcanic island in the Guangxi region, has reported more than 500 infections over the past week — a major outbreak by China’s standards.

On Saturday, the Beihai government locked down urban parts of the city — where its resorts and tourist attractions are located — ordered mass testing and banned residents from leaving their homes.

The sweeping Covid restrictions also reached Weizhou island, an outlying islet over an hour’s boat ride away that is popular for its scenic coastline and beaches. Starting from Friday, tourists were told to leave the island, while hotels and guesthouses were ordered to refund guests unconditionally.

On Sunday, Weizhou island shut all entertainment venues, from bars, cinemas and massage parlors to swimming pools. Scenic spots across the island were also closed.

At a news conference Sunday, local officials said the more than 2,000 tourists who were stranded in…