China Cycle 2023: CST debuts CST COREX two-wheeled tire product, promotes sustai… – Press Release

SHANGHAI, May 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cheng shin Rubber (Xiamen) IND., LTD. (“CST”), a leading manufacturer of two-wheeled tires, has launched CST COREX, an innovative product built with ECO-RE technology at the 31st China International Bicycle Fair (China Cycle 2023).

Themed “Safer, Smarter and Lower Carbon,”  China Cycle, one of the three major bicycle exhibitions in the world, has focused on promoting sustainable development of bicycles and E-bike, helping the industries to regain confidence in the post-pandemic era.

CST has participated in the China Cycle for many years, and fully committed to leading the product development and trends of the bicycle industry. During the event, CST showcased its achievements and confidence at the CST ESG Sustainable Material Application Conference (the “Conference”).

Supporting a better future with R&D confidence and ESG sustainable materials technology

The Conference has showcased CST’s achievements in pushing forward the development of ESG sustainable materials technologies and their applications across the three scopes of Reduce, Renewable, and Recycle. 

Reduce: CST has significantly cut down the number of materials used to produce tires through innovative technologies and application of lightweight designs. CST has saved a total of 4,000 tons of tire materials as well as 2,500 tons of synthetic rubber and carbon black, reducing CO2 emissions by 6,000 tons in 2022.

Renewable: CST has innovatively developed a new sustainable and renewable raw material using discarded rice husks, which are processed into RHA to replace carbon black in tire production – every kilogram of RHA replacing carbon black can reduce CO2 emissions by 4.15 kilograms.

Recycle: CST has adopted regenerative rubber made of eco-friendly latex to partially replace the use of synthetic rubber through the optimization of formula and production process. Statistics show that CST has used more than 600 tons of eco-friendly recycled rubber in 2022.

The newly launched…