China’s greatest browsing seashores | CNN

This aerial photo shows tourists going surfing at Riyue Bay.


When 19-year-old Zhang Chao decided to take a gap year at university, the digital media major planned to use the short break to work and travel before going back to school.

But after spending a summer volunteering at a surf shop in Sanya, in China’s Hainan province, everything changed.

“I really liked surfing and I never went back to school,” recalls Zhang.

That was nine years ago. Today, he is the proud founder of three Chinese surf brands – Shaka Surf Club, Goofydog Surf Shop and Tempo Restaurant and Bar.

In recent years, more and more Chinese have been embracing surfing like Zhang.

“Surfing has been a rising trend in China over the last two years. It’s partly because of the efforts surfers and surf clubs like us have been putting into the scene for the last decade. But…