Chouinard Bros Sheds Light on the Bylaw Making Downspout Disconnection Mandatory

04/10/2013 (press release: nvisionsolutions) // Michelle Chouinard

A downspout connected to the sewer system often results in bad quality of water. Due to increasing health hazards of bad quality water to the citizens of Toronto, the City Council is approving a bylaw making downspout disconnections mandatory. With the new law in place, residents may find it difficult to find an alternative plan for rainwater.

Ideally, rainwater would mix with various pollutants such as chemicals from the gardens, pet waste before reaching the streams. Since the rainwater is untreated, it will merge with the sewer system making the water unfit for consumption.

In addition, it also contaminates the beach water.

This poses as a threat to the safety and health of the residents of Toronto. The Toronto City council taking cognizance of the environmental impact of polluted rainwater came up with the law.

Michelle Chouinard, Owner at Chouinard Brothers said on the occasion, “Now that the Toronto City Council has turned downspout disconnection into a law, we want to help our customers adhere to the new law as quickly as possible. Disconnecting downspouts does not take much time and with careful planning, we can divert the rainwater for better use. When the downspout is connected to the sewer system, there is a constant risk of the polluted rainwater mixing with the waterways as well as the threat of the basement getting flooded. Customers may inadvertently consume dirty water which can later cause health problems.”

Benefits of making downspout disconnection mandatory

• Disconnecting downspouts will help the process of recycling water naturally

• In addition, a disconnected downspout will also enable watering the gardens and lawns with stored rainwater.

• Disconnecting downspouts will cut off the sewer system and stop the pollution of water making the Toronto beaches unsoiled and clear.

Tips for disconnecting a downspout

• Using a splash pad is advisable when directing the rainwater from downspouts to the garden as it will not create soil erosion

• Storing the rainwater collected from downspouts in a container is better than directing it towards impermeable areas such as the sidewalk or driveway can

• If the rainwater exiting from downspouts is at least 15 meters away from the house, then bad odour will not enter the house.

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