Christ’s Ascension Graphic Discovered in Ancient French Cave

/ April 6th 2012- for immediate release
The Lord’s Sacrifice and Spiritual Ascension are graphically represented in this one of a kind symbolic art. A Cross is seen exploding from a Heart in this prophetic graphic of the future miracle. The earliest known cave art at Chauvet, France is certainly our greatest cultural treasure. At the Dawn of Humankind 35,000 years ago- Chauvet offers an incomparable phlethera of spiritually symbolic relics. Published metaphysical scholar, Daryl Breese explains this unique parietal art, whose message now spans all of human history. Enjoy the spectacular graphic at this link below:
The inspired Shaman Artist chose this specific site in the Brunel Chamber. The graphic’s center is an anatomically correct heart-shaped niche. The presence of this three dimensional life-like ‘heart’ was augmented and made even more vibrant by adding red ocre, the symbol of life’s blood. The glorified ascension theme explodes- following the contours of the cave wall. Named, “Panel of the Sacred Heart Cross-Sign”- A Heaven bound Cross is seen ascending upwards, amidst spiritual rays of light, themselves reminiscent of wings. The Cross is well known as a symbol of the Lord’s Sacrifice, Love, Ascension and Transfiguration. The cave management’s initial interpretation paled- “Strictly by coincidence, this sign evokes a more recent history”-that belied Scripture’s prophetic stories and basic metaphysical knowledge. A shallow, failed attempt to possibly defer/quash the obvious. This art speaks directly to heart. Chauvet is the original common point of origin for culture, philosophy, lore and religion. Many unique firsts here include: The Rainbow Bridge outside overlooking the Ardeche River; a Creation Mural in the Hillaire Chamber; the first altar; a mural of animals parading off a vessel (Gilgamesh/Noah) on the west wall of the sacred End Chamber; Angelic Horses- Symbol of Peace and the Creator’s Holy Spirit; Centaurs which represent the metaphysically unified Soul and Spirit- common to religions and cultures; Venus- symbol of life; Butterflies- symbol of metamorphosis and transfiguration; White Wooly Mammoth- symbol of the Universal Monarch in Oriental religions. These symbols remain unchanged today and indeed became Scripture some 30,000 years later. The prophetic Visions recorded in Chauvet art are indeed the same ones told by later prophets. We know ecstasy and ASC (Altered States of Consciousness) allows us at times to open the channel to Heavenly dimensions (if you will) utilizing inspired music, dance,intimacy, psilocybin; chanting; prayer and fasting, mortification. Heaven does NOT have a timeline like this dimension- they see our past, present and future as one. So, when a Prophet becomes connected to Heaven, ‘the three times’ are experienced as one. This Shaman Art foretold a future event that was also later predicted by Zorastrians; Magiians; and Odinists. The Bible tells us the Messiah was crucified on a ‘Tree’. The Cross, ‘Tree of Life’ and “Book of Life” are symbolically the same, all representing “The Way”. Religions share the “Tree of Life”; a similar Creation Story; Supreme Creator; and Judgment Day. All now point back to Chauvet! A replica of this Holy Site is being built nearby, for pilgrims…. wow! Happy Easter!
Sir Knight Daryl Breese pushed back the Dawn of Religion some 15,000 years with these free symbolic interpretations that connect ‘us’ to the Dawn of Homo Sapien Sapiens- us. Co-author with Gerald D’Aoust of “God’s Steed- Key to World Peace”, a unique metaphysical non-fiction, which was guided by documented Angelic encounters. Chauvet Cave was discovered December 18th 1994- just after Sir Knight reported a broad daylight Angelic visitation. We know from history Angels presage a monumental event- helping to steer Creation. Chauvet’s Divine Angel graces the cover of “God’s Steed.” Amen.
Sir Knight Daryl Breese [email protected] (661)703-4444