Cintas’ Frontline Engagement From Employee-Partners the Difference in Its Award-… – Press Release

An in-house focus and change-maker competition, as well as elite excellence at international conferences, recognized during National Safety Month

Securing consistent, elite recognition on the national stage does not happen overnight. The continued “secret sauce” of Cintas Corporation’s CTAS award-winning ergonomics program? It begins with the impactful work done internally by its employee-partners on a daily basis.

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Cintas Corporation’s award-winning ergonomics program encourages solutions from the field where its frontline partners identify and invent creative solutions to make the jobs they do easier on their bodies. Through an in-house ergonomics competition and participation in international events like the annual Applied Ergonomics Conference (pictured), Cintas’ program has established leadership and innovation in the field. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Our program is driven by frontline employee-partner activity,” said Dr. Davana Pilczuk, Cintas’ Corporate Ergonomist. “At Cintas, we feel the field employee-partners have inside knowledge as to how to improve their jobs, so our program is designed to listen to them. Most other companies have ergo programs that are expert-driven, meaning they have a staff of ergonomists making decisions and solving problems.”

June is National Safety Month and an opportunity to shine light on the meaningful and impactful efforts of Cintas’ ergonomics program. The company’s heralded Health & Safety team is focused on the well-being of Cintas’ employee-partners year round, and the ergonomics team has a specific emphasis on not only the workforce’s safety, but also improving workmanship quality and overall productivity.

>> WATCH: Cintas at the 2023 Applied Ergonomics Conference

That also includes a pair of tentpole events that highlight the innovation and ingenuity that comes from the company’s front…