CITA: Expanded vaccine record a ‘small step’ however not sufficient

CITA: Expanded vaccine list a 'small step' but not enough

Cayman Islands Tourism Association President Marc Langevin says that while the tourism industry welcomes the government’s expansion of the types of securely verifiable COVID-19 vaccination records it is now accepting, the process does not go far enough.

On Monday, the government announced that it was now accepting from incoming travellers SMART Health Cards from the US and records from European countries that meet the ‘EU Digital COVID Certificate’ standard which shows vaccination information. Travellers who present those documents can avail of a five-day quarantine upon arrival here, rather than the 10-day isolation for those with vaccination certificates from other places, or the 14-day quarantine for unvaccinated travellers.

Langevin said while expanding the list was a step in the right direction, it did not provide travellers or Cayman’s tourism businesses with any reassurance about how the government plans to proceed with accepting vaccination certificates from other…