College students give households a 900lb lesson in air pollution

Students give families a 900lb lesson in pollution

(CNS): Student activists from Protect Our Future led a community clean-up event at Safe Haven this weekend and collected more than 900lbs of garbage, including two huge refrigerators, a toilet and a generator. As politicians were horsetrading over who should take the reins of power and be responsible for addressing these mounting problems, the students were doing their part to educate their younger brothers and sisters and their parents about Cayman’s waste-pollution problem. POF said that much of the trash was marine debris, such as plastic bottles caps, fishing line and polystyrene.

But at least half was local litter, including hundreds of beer bottles and cans, dirty diapers and thousands of cigarette butts tossed into the bushes. POF said in a release that it is clear that Cayman’s anti-litter law is not enforced and shows a dark side of our local litter problem.

Grade 12 students Genene Magnan and Isabela Watler organised the event in partnership with both…