Colorado Fear Fest, Metro Denver’s Newest Haunt Destination, Opens in Arvada

09/16/2013 (press release: michelle2020) // Arvada, CO, USA // Michelle Francis

Colorado Fear Fest, a dual-haunt and Halloween festival, premieres in Olde Town Arvada on Friday, October 4, 2013 at 7pm. Located in the parking lot of the Olde Town 14 Landmark Theater, the Colorado-themed Halloween destination offers attendees an interactive scare experience and a festival atmosphere featuring local food vendors, entertainment and artistry.

Managed by New Asylum Studios, Colorado Fear Fest utilizes extravagant, hand-made materials to provide one-of-a-kind scares in its dual, history-inspired haunts. Event organizers wanted to offer more than the typical haunted house scene, so they added the festival component in order to bring together community members of all ages.

“Colorado Fear Fest started out as a local neighborhood haunted house, and transformed into a city-wide destination for Colorado residents looking for something unique to experience during the Halloween season,” said Dan Benade, New Asylum Studios president. “Locating the festival in the heart of Arvada allows us to show our support for local businesses while offering the community a historic spin on the traditional Halloween festival.”

Colorado Fear Fest’s unique, thematic style provides haunted house enthusiasts with high-startle entertainment. It employs the region’s top artists, fabricators, and actors, dedicated to making attendees a part of the haunted house stories.

About Colorado Fear Fest

Founded in 2007, New Asylum Studio’s Colorado Fear Fest grew from a local neighborhood haunt to a full-scale production. Colorado Fear Fest is a destination that offers attendees both an interactive haunt experience and a festival atmosphere with games, artistry, and local food vendors for the whole family to enjoy. The immersive experience is located in the heart of Olde Town Arvada with two haunts, The Grisly Lodge and Dark Mine, based on Colorado-inspired haunted history. For more information call 303-842-5273 and visit

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