Companies Should Employ Personal Social Media Guidelines, Says Punch

12/23/2011 // Market Harborough, Leics, UK // BenLeuty // Ben Leuty

With over 800 million active users, 50 per cent of which log-on every day, Facebook alone highlights the extreme popularity of social media. However, individuals need to be aware that every update they post can be taken as a reflection of the business they work for. As a result, to avoid professional embarrassment, businesses should consider introducing personal social media guidelines, says PR, SEO and social media agency, Punch communications.

The guidelines needn’t hinder an individual’s social rights or freedom of speech, rather acting as some simple dos and don’ts to prevent any existing and potential clients getting the wrong impression of the individual and therefore the company they work for.

Ben Leuty, account manager at PR Company, Punch Communications, says: “Many individuals update their personal social media profiles many times a day; however, they need to be considerate of the business the work for – certainly those that work in a professional environment. In the mildest of examples, swearing could be perceived badly by clients, past, present or future, which may come across the update. In the worst case scenario it could result in the loss of a client. Guidelines would simply act to prevent this from happening in the first instance and need only include a small number pointers such as not to swear or mention a client in any updates. This is particularly pertinent for those that work in an agency environment such as PR or SEO agencies where one slip could result in an exodus of clients.

“It’s common knowledge that many employers research prospective employees on social media platforms before meeting them in person or even consider organising an interview. As an extension of this there’s every possibility that clients do the same for businesses they are looking to work with – they are after all going to be attached to the business as a third party.”

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