Conservation regulation marks 10yrs as MPs assault environmentalists : Cayman Information Service



Mangroves (photo by Alvaro Serey)

(CNS): Wednesday was the tenth anniversary of the National Conservation Act passing into law, despite the continuing opposition to the legislation and the misrepresentation of how it has impacted development. With former premier Wayne Panton, the architect of the law, laid up after breaking his ribs, there has been no one in parliament this week during the budget debate to defend the need for conservation. Several ministers described local environmentalists as extreme and implied that conservation was hindering development.

Even the new minister responsible for the Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency, Kathy Ebanks-Wilks, hedged her bets when speaking about her new responsibilities, as she defined sustainability in its broader sense rather than the need to focus on natural resources. She said it meant “a lot of different things to a lot of different people”.

Ebanks-Wilks spoke about sustainable economic growth and the…