COP27 summit: Local weather activists protested throughout Biden’s speech and acquired kicked out

COP27 summit: Climate activists protested during Biden's speech and got kicked out


Four American climate activists have been kicked out of the COP27 UN climate talks in Egypt after protesting during US President Joe Biden’s speech on Friday.

The group briefly interrupted Biden’s speech with what they described as an indigenous war cry, then unfurled a banner which read “People vs Fossil Fuels.” While Biden appeared mostly unfazed by the protest – pausing for a short moment before resuming his address – the four activists faced consequences.

They told CNN they were barred by security from leaving the room after the speech ended, their summit passes were then taken away, and they were escorted out of the venue by UN security.

“The security said that we put people’s lives at risk because we stood up abruptly in the room with the President of the United States,” Jamie Wefald, one of the protesters, told CNN on Monday. “And I…