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10/21/2012 (press release: press-releases) // Australia // Shane Collison

Mankind’s propensity for widening horizons, mental, practical or physical, is the driving force behind progress and the development of civilisation. Learning has always been the key to widening one’s mental horizons.

Practical knowledge has had a strong fascination throughout history, and is equally strong today judging from the popularity of the many television programmes that explain how things work. It is also a useful knowledge; who knows when those handy-man notions might come in handy.

On a physical plane, the desire to explore the unknown is the force that pushed forward all pioneering enterprises throughout history. And this exploratory force is still going strong: Mars is next on the agenda, then who knows …

On a more everyday level, most people literally live and learn. If one’s curiosity is sufficiently solicited, one can indeed learn something new every day. They say curiosity killed the cat, but for many an inquiring mind, curiosity is the element that has enriched life.

Knowledge can be acquired in a hundred different ways, at any intensity, by anybody and everybody and at any stage in life. Now, with online courses literally at one’s finger tips (on a mouse), there is practically no obstacle. There are numerous online learning opportunities available: many are specialised, for instance language/culture, some offer higher education, some are practical, offering short courses in such basics as nutrition or gardening.

With such an overwhelming number of possibilities, a good idea is to confine one’s search for courses to websites that offer all-of-the-above in the same place. One such website, which really exhibits an extraordinary range of courses with extreme clarity is www.CoursesDirect.com.au. This is the place to start looking. And no doubt finish looking, since the array of online courses could doubtless satisfy most learning requirements.

The list of long and short courses offered at CourseDirect (Australia) is extremely wide-ranging. Visiting the website, one is immediately struck with the curious grouping of the first online courses listed: Aged Care Courses (caring for the elderly), Agriculture & Horticulture (flowers, viticulture, etc), Aviation (flight services training).

All the various reasons for doing a course can be summed up here. Aged Care Courses have more than one type of student: there are those who have to satisfy immediate family situations, and those who are thinking of studying for employment purposes (there is a demand for specialised personnel in this sector). Courses in Agriculture & Horticulture are for the weekend farmer or anyone who has this hobby. Aviation courses are aimed at young people who want to work in airport and flight services (cabin crew, etc.) From these few examples it is clear that there is something for everyone, and the course list is very long.

Courses Direct, based in Australia, is a global company, and it is possible to study from anywhere in the world. A network of specialised tutors follows students’ progress constantly; and courses can be programmed to fit individual student’s rhythms and needs. Every course is designed to produce results, guarantee satisfaction, and widen horizons.

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