Covid compelled too many dad and mom to decide on between work and serving to their youngsters with distant courses. This CNN Hero is giving households the assist to do each

Covid forced too many parents to choose between work and helping their kids with remote classes. This CNN Hero is giving families the support to do both
“We don’t want them to make the choice, me earning a living versus my child getting an education. What type of a choice is that?” said Jennifer Maddox, a 2017 CNN Hero and the founder of Future Ties, a non-profit after-school program on Chicago’s South Side.

Since 2011, Maddox and her organization have provided mentoring, tutoring and a safe space for more than 100 children living in the Parkway Gardens Homes, a low-income apartment complex where a young Michelle Obama once lived.

As a member of the Chicago Police Department for more than 20 years, Maddox observed first-hand the obstacles young people in struggling communities face. Parkway Gardens was one area that Maddox patrolled, and she was inspired to provide resources and a community space for children in the neighborhood.

When the pandemic hit, Maddox knew she needed to temporarily re-tailor her program to fit the families’ needs during this uncharted time.

“A lot of people lost their jobs and now they’re gradually starting to…