Crochet TikTok is essentially the most soothing and sustainable nook of the web

Crochet TikTok is the most soothing and sustainable corner of the internet

Written by Leah Dolan, CNN

They say the devil finds work for idle hands, but after a year of intermittent lockdowns and social starvation, the hobbies many of us have chosen to busy ourselves with are surprisingly wholesome. Lately, there has been a deluge of crafting content on TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, as crocheting and knitting shed the senior stereotype and emerge as fashion’s newest fad among Gen Z.

A cursory scroll through YouTube reveals hoards of young people clattering a pair of needles together, sharing patterns and newly acquired tricks. Teens and 20-somethings document their creative process, from inspiration through to completion. Affordability is a top priority, with many replicating garments that would otherwise be well out of their price-range. (“Recreating the $1400 cardigan + bandeau that Kendall Jenner wore for $12” reads one video title.) Some content creators will actually teach you to make something, while others simply take you along for the…